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The European Aviation Wellbeing Committee

The European Aviation Wellbeing Committee (EAWC) is a non-profit organisation and has the sole purpose of discussing, analysing and proposing practical & sustainable wellbeing solutions specific to the Aviation industry.

The EAWC is working in co-ordination with key industry stakeholders to manage, develop, and implement tailored wellbeing proposals in support of the aviation ecosystem.

The committee comprises professionals active in diverse roles throughout the aviation industry, all of whom share a passionate desire to bring about sustainable change focused on wellbeing and safety.

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Helping to shape existing and future regulations and processes, offering support, guidance and advice to organisations in prioritising employee wellbeing


To become Europe's leading aviation organisation creating, promoting, and providing best practice and standardisation in employee wellbeing

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Being Well | Being Safe Together

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Our Future - Today

More than “Just Culture”. Aspiring to a “Being-Well” Culture!

We strive not just to raise awareness and promote understanding, but also to effect genuine positive change towards a safer, healthier, and more resilient industry.

This requires a holistic and truly collective, collaborative approach across all branches of the industry; we deliver this by uniting professionals active in diverse roles within aviation – flight crew, cabin crew, ground crew, air traffic control, airport management, airport design, aviation psychologists, and others. The aim is to provide real and proactive solutions for the people employed across aviation.

We aim to contribute to growing aviation communities at all levels in all organisations, with wellbeing as a priority in all aspects of their operations: from infrastructure and airport building design, to employee rest, recovery and performance.

Stable and sustainable economic growth does not happen despite a desire to improve employee health and satisfaction; rather, focussing on the social, environmental, mental and physical needs of the workforce helps businesses thrive.

The success of commercial aviation is owed entirely to the performance of the human beings it employs across all sectors – on the ground and in the sky. Prioritising their wellbeing is key in a happier, more prosperous, and safer aviation industry.

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"You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength."

- Marcus Aurelius

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