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We strongly and sincerely believe that people must be at the very centre of consideration if businesses are to succeed. When employees are valued; when they are respected and supported; when genuine, practical steps are made to secure their mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing; then workforces, businesses and the industry as a whole will flourish.

Our organisation, created by – and for – aviation professionals, unites volunteers from diverse roles across aviation; people who do the jobs and live the life, and understand the specific challenges the sector brings. Whilst unified around the common goal of achieving measurable and sustainable improvements in this safety-critical industry, the aim is to tailor solutions and provide tangible returns to support the employees whose performance delivers the results.

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Aviation specialists with a desire for positive change

All the volunteer members of the committee are active in various professions within the dynamic and highly specialised aviation industry. They understand the realities of its lifestyle and the particular impacts it has and the demands it makes

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Interested to be part of change makers?

If you align with our values, mission and vision and would like to be part of a growing team who are passionate about aviation and making a difference, we would be happy to hear from you.

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