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Mindful Aviator

Mindful Aviator (MA) was established by Carl Eisen as an “awareness practice” or Mindfulness Meditation based wellness resource for pilots.

Using Mindfulness and Meditation, MA provides tools, exercises and support to help crewmembers reduce stress and cultivate relaxed confidence while improving situational awareness, on task performance and resilience.

Carl has more than 30 years airline experience, flying both passengers and cargo with over 15,000 hours total time in a wide variety of aircraft domestically and internationally. He’s currently an Airbus A300 Captain.

In addition to his flying experience, he’s been practicing Mindfulness Meditation since 2008. In 2016 he became a Trained Mindfulness Facilitator “TMF” completing a program at the UCLA Seminal Institute (Mindful Awareness Research Center).

He maintains professional status as a Certified Mindfulness Teacher “CMT” with the International Mindfulness Teachers Association “IMTA”, received training in Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention “MBRP” from the UCSD Center for Mindfulness, hosts a local Mindfulness Meditation Group in his hometown of Punta Gorda Florida and offers a variety of in person and remote learning courses for pilots.

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